Townhouse, Villas and Dual Occupancy (DUPLEX)

Maximise your land and speak to our experienced development expert about taking advantage of our free development assessments, to see how we can help you get your development started today. Plans and designs are the first step to an effective and smart multi-unit development which are fast becoming an in demand option to create large returns on your investment. We are one of the most experienced multi residential builders, we have a wide selection of floorplans and designs for narrow lot blocks, including front and rear townhouse designs and side by side developments. We also have a large range of townhouse plans and designs that are perfect for fitting multiple townhouses on larger blocks. Two storey or one level townhouses can be built and the design comes down to personal preferences and planning conditions. A two storey townhouse is a clever way to create more outdoor and living spaces, and separate living zones to accommodate older children on one level and the parents on the other. Single storey townhouses are favoured by empty nesters or young families. If you are unsure what type of development works best for your block, contact Chiselwood Homes who will help simplify the process via an initial development assessment. The team will take care of the entire process with accurate pricing and council approvals for townhouse designs to completed developments in a hassle-free, high-quality build process.

A Real Investment opportunity- the market is filled with opportunities to invest. In a growing market with varied segments, it is important to know what opportunities to take. A duplex offers a great chance to maximise your return on investment. Optimise Your Block-Duplex Development are in high demand for property investment solutions, optimise your block as building two smaller dwellings will increase your return. Efficient and affordable way to undertake any development, provides an option to rent each unit and capitalise on the income from both dwellings and increases equity in your estate when there is more than one property on the same block of land. Allows for you mortgage to be paid off more quickly if you choose to live in one home while collecting rent from tenants in the other home.

Full Project Feasibility-Know your profits before you spend your money. Interested in a free inspection and development investment strategy, simply fill in your details in our contact section and we'll be in touch.

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